Since learning occurs at such a rapid rate during the first year, it is reassuring to know that your child is in a safe, nurturing, and sensory stimulating environment. 
Balancing safety and learning with  nurturing, encouraging, compassionate teachers is what we do at Little Pioneers.

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6 week - 12 mos.

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health and safety
  • Classrooms are completely sanitized every evening

  • Toys are sanitized throughout the day with a food grade sanitizer

  • Our teachers follow the diaper changing guidelines from the Department of Children and Families 

  • Every toy your child interacts with meets safety standards

  • Bottle-fed babies are fed, rocked, and gently spoken or sung to while feeding

  • Each child has his/her own space in the refrigerator for bottle and food labelled with first and last name and the current day’s date 

  • Baby’s snacks are labelled with first and last name and kept in his/her own pantry space

  • Crib sheets are laundered every week, and more if needed

  • Children who have had diarrhea, a temperature of 100.4℉ or above, or have a runny nose with yellow or green discharge cannot be admitted until they have been symptom free for 24 hours

  • All teachers and staff are certified in infant, child, and adult CPR and First Aid

  • All children are required to have up-to-date immunizations or a Religious Exemption form from their doctor

At Little Pioneers, every day reveals an exciting new world for your baby.  Infants are continually building knowledge and connecting new ideas to what they already know. Our brightbabyTM curriculum provides multiple opportunities for developmentally appropriate cognitive and physical growth. Through planned activities, they interact with their caregivers and their environment while developing curiosity, persistence, and problem-solving skills.

  • Building vocabulary-associating words with actions

  • Recognizing objects by name

  • Sensory motor integration

  • Body awareness/self-confidence

  • Auditory discrimination

  • Social interaction

Social and Emotional Development

Key point developmental objectives

  • Cause and effect

  • Observation 

  • Listening and attention skills

  • Core, upper body, and leg strength

  • Coordination

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Self-soothing skills

  • Pre-language through sign language

Language skills

The ability to learn a language comes naturally to a child as they are cared for and spoken to. We take advantage of this time to expose your child to not only the English language, but also sign language and Spanish, laying the cognitive and auditory discrimination foundations for becoming fluent in two or more different languages.
A vast listening vocabulary is developed as our teachers have individual reading times with each child as well as small group reading times using stimulating, age-appropriate books. 

Physical Development

Our infant classrooms are equipped with developmentally-appropriate toys that invite learning and exploration in a fun, safe, and exciting way. Pull and push toys that foster crawling, pulling up, and eventually walking are spaced throughout the classroom for both self-directed and structured learning.

Social and Emotional Development

Our teachers take advantage of individual and small group activities to promote both a bond with a trusted adult and also interaction with boys and girls of the same age.
We make the most of teachable moments, helping little ones regulate their emotions turning potentially upsetting situations into positive interactions as we model conflict resolution.

Music and Rhythm

Exposure to various styles and beats of music helps to develop the whole child. We not only play traditional lullabies, but also classical pieces from Chopin, Schubert and others. We also incorporate music from Indonesia, Brazil, China, Scotland and other countries to expose children to different styles, beats, and a variety of musical instruments.

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