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After a long day at school, your child’s mind is filled with facts and figures. Little Pioneers’ aftercare program is designed to refresh and recharge before homework time.
Your child begins with a nutritious snack and outside free-play to usher in fun and laughter, which are conducive to the building of friendships. After that, homework time is much more effective. Next, children are free to choose from the following learning experiences divided into five activity zones :

  • Creativity (Arts & Crafts) 

  • Relaxation (Books & Reading)

  • Challenge (Games)

  • Thinking (Math & Science)

  • Study (Homework Help) 


We seek to make the most of every hour your child spends with us. Discovery, exploration, forming lasting friendships all under the supervision of caring, energetic after school teachers help to enhance their unique skills and abilities. 

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School Age

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After Care

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